Twitter Is Partners With Anti-White BuzzFeed News TV Show

As many of you know Jack and Twitter recently have tried to downplay their censorship bias despite admitting they lean left and while Jack himself is saying conservatives at his own company “don’t feel safe to express their opinions” to their peers.

While browsing Blue Checkmark Twitter I noticed one fellow not only had a myriad of anti-white tweets but he also had a TV Show with BuzzFeed News (which was hardly a shock given BuzzFeed’s history). Little did I know the rabbit hole got deeper, and that this very show not only had tons of anti-white segments but they are PARTNERS with Twitter.

Below is a video reel from the show, quite the inspiring content they got going on here.

Here are some snippets from their show AM2DM Twitter page.

Thanks to a quick Twitter history search I was able to determine that both Co-Hosts had a history of saying some not so nice things about white people.

I made a video going over their relationship as well as some of the other #VerifiedHate specimens that people have dug up, this is hardly an isolated incident.

So let me get this straight, while conservatives have been de-verified, shadowbanned, or flat out banned for no reason meanwhile Twitter claims that it has no political bias and that dealing with “bad actors” is their primary concern. Their reason for removing Alex Jones was that he was “bullying CNN’s Oliver Darcy”. Yet I see no difference from what Alex did with what CNN did to that reddit user who simply posted a gif or this old lady. Rules for thee but not for me.

And thus brings us to the topic at hand with the clear bias on social media but specifically in this case Twitter. Not only is this openly anti-white TV Show allowed on their platform but they have a god damn partnership with them, you really can’t make this shit up. I think most people pointing out this hypocrisy out would be okay with things like this as long as the inverse was allowed but it just isn’t. Leftists love dismissing these obvious observations as “vast right wing conspiracy theories” but these are the same people pushing all sorts of nonsense about Russian influence, real consistent.

They want to make sure something like Trump never happens again and I don’t see them slowing down this acceleration of censorship without some type of government mandate. Trump has hinted at it but talk is one thing and action is another. I really hope they do something because we are coming dangerously close to losing any remaining semblance left of the once digital Wild West and I don’t think you can put the toothpaste back in the tube on this one.

I’m all for the free market solutions but these platforms were helped built with taxpayer dollars and essentially have became the public square for discord and we should look to treat it that way. It’s near impossible to build your own platform anymore when even the app stores collude to keep out competition like they did with Gab and others. Building a parallel Internet infrastructure is just not an option which is pretty much what would need to happen to “build our own” platform and just any Joe Shmoe can just run a fiber optic cable across the ocean, Right?